Connolly's Bio

Connolly Sherwood's Biography

Born and raised in Cheboygan, MI, Connolly began her experience with giftedness in elementary school. Initially, she was not selected for her district's gifted program despite her ability to learn quickly and very high standardized test scores. Likely she was overlooked due to her inability to demonstrate her academic skills in the classroom setting consistently. Throughout her K-12 and undergrad college experiences, the contradiction between aptitude and academic achievement was evident and is now understandable: Connolly is twice-exceptional.

Today, Connolly holds a Colorado Professional Teaching License with two endorsements (Gifted and Talented Specialist and Special Education Generalist), has earned an M.Ed in Curriculum and Instruction (Gifted), and has 25 years of experience in education (i.e., special educator, classroom cluster teacher, title one teacher, literacy coordinator, head of school). Currently, she serves as a gifted specialist for Sheridan School District No. 2. 2e is Connolly’s passion and her mission is to inspire everyone to celebrate and appreciate what it is to be 2e!

Connolly is the founder and president of SoMe CAGT (Colorado Association of Gifted and Talented). SoMe, a 501c3, is an affiliate of CAGT for the South Metro Denver community. She was appointed to and continues to serve on the Colorado Department of Education’s Gifted Education State Advisory Committee (GE-SAC) as an educator representative for Congressional District 6. She is a member of the Colorado Academy of Educators for the Gifted, Talented, and Creative. Finally, she owns AugmentED, a private consulting practice that specializes in supporting learners who have dyslexia and ADHD.

Connolly is married and raising a 2e child in a household with two cats and two dogs. She delights in birding, being creative, spending time with family and friends, and spending time in northern Michigan.

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