More than Fun and Games

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In More than Fun and Games: Stack the Deck for Student Success, “players” (aka attendees) will use unconventional methods to “stack the deck” with strategies to support gifted learners including special populations (e.g., twice-exceptional, culturally and linguistically diverse). We will “explain the rules” for using strategy games to help students develop their language, intellectual, and affective “abilities”. Prepare to “level up” student engagement as you “gather resources” including free games, differentiation strategies, and standards-supported implementation recommendations. Come prepared to “play” and leave ready to implement strategy games with students tomorrow

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Anyone who attends the professional development will leave understanding how strategy games support gifted learners, benefits and differentiation techniques for using boardgames in the classroom, and how strategy games connect to competencies and standards. 

This presentation is for anyone who works with gifted children:

Anyone who works with gifted children would benefit from More Than Fun and Games: Stack The Deck For Student Success. The session is designed to support any type of educator (from teachers to counselors) and any age group of students (PreK-12 and beyond).